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 Guitar Lesson--MORE AND MORE--

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PostSubyek: Guitar Lesson--MORE AND MORE--   Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:33 pm

oke, emang ada beberapa yang ga bisa di lupa yg mana.tapi lumayan lah buat kelas amatir-menegah-lanjut.hha
Matt keknya gada nih disitu :suspect:...Ada 2 Part, maksudnya 2 post, ini post ga bisa panjang2... harus download smwanya sii...yang maw aja.Dipilih dipilih...

Quote :


A Modern Method For Guitar

Now guitarists can have all
three volumes of this classic guitar method in one convenient book!
Created by popular demand, this new edition of the method used as the
basic text for the renowned Berklee College of Music guitar program is
a complete compilation of the original Volumes 1, 2, and 3. Innovative
solos, duets and exercises progressively teach melody, harmony and
rhythm. Perfect for the serious guitar student and instructor alike.

CODE A.Modern.Method.for.Guitar.rar

Password: warezhr

Acoustic Fingerstyle of Tommy Emanuel

CODE Acoustic.Masterclass.rar

Password: warezhr

Advanced Scale Concepts And Licks - by Jean Marc Belkadi

instructor Jean Marc Belkadi reveals the secrets to creating
interesting, over-the-top phrases. This book is the complete resource
for applying pentatonic, harmonic minor, melodic minor, whole tone, and
diminished scales. The CD includes 99 full-band tracks.

CODE Advanced.Scale.Concepts.And.Licks.rar

Password: warezhr

Amazing Phrasing - by Tom Kolb

book/CD pack explores all the main components necessary for crafting
well-balanced rhythmic and melodic phrases. It also explains how these
phrases are put together to form cohesive solos. Many styles are
covered - rock, blues, jazz, fusion, country, Latin, funk and more -
and all of the concepts are backed up with musical examples. The 50
ideas are divided into five main sections: The Basics - covers
fundamental but all too often forgotten techniques, such as slurs and
vibrato, that can breathe new life into your phrases; Melodic Concepts
- explores various aspects of melodic phrasing, such as motifs,
chromaticism and sequences; Harmonic Embellishments - discusses the
melodic potential of harmonic intervals (dyads), chords and chord
partials; Rhythmic Concepts - explores various aspects of rhythmic
phrasing, such as accents, free-time phrasing and metric modulation,
and how it pertains to melodic soloing; Solo Structure - all of the
topics discussed in the book come together to help form the big
picture. The companion CD contains 89 demos for listening, and most
tracks feature full-band backing. Also available for keyboard, tenor
saxophone and trumpet.

CODE Amazing.Phrasing.rar

Password: warezhr

J. S. Bach for Electric Guitar

many Bach editions for guitar, these transcriptions are meant to be
performed using a pick. Although a few of the pieces may be played on a
standard acoustic guitar, most require an electric guitar or a guitar
with a cutaway. All pieces are in the original keys and their ranges
may require notes as high as the twenty-second fret. Written in
notation and tablature, these six pieces make great sight reading
exercises. The included CD will prove an asset in learning these often
challenging pieces.

CODE Bach.For.Electric.Guitar.rar

Password: warezhr

The Beginner Guitarist Primer

eBook is a guitar lesson primer for beginner guitarists. The book
covers triad chords for the major keys and the relative minor keys.
Also included are chord progression exercises and color chords for each
key of music. The book also includes fast-track theory information as
well as a few legendary guitarist profiles to inspire you!

CODE Beginner.Guitarist.Primer.rar

Password: warezh

Building Electric Guitars - by Martin Koch

from the first steps of design to the final set-up of of solid-body,
hollow-body and semi-acoustic electric guitars is covered step by step
in this book. It contains a section about winding your own pickups and
another on active guitar electronics. The last chapter is about visits
to Steve Jarman Guitars (UK), Sadowsky Guitars (US) and PRS-Guitars (US)

CODE Building.Electric.Guitars.rar

Password: warezh

Country Rock Riffs For Guitar - by Mike Levine

Riffs Series A great resource for hot riffs in country rock, bluegrass,
rockabilly, and other styles. Features 40 riffs in all, with
accompanying performance notes and examples of each riff on
split-channel CD and cassette.

CODE Country.Rock.Riffs.For.Guitar.rar

Password: warezh

Exotic Scales (Jazz) - by JP Befumo

CODE Exotic.Scales.Jazz.rar

Password: warezh

Finger Gymnastics - by Charles Chapman

book is for all levels and styles of guitarists. "Finger Gymnastics" is
a term used for warm-ups, stretching, and any type of practice exercise
that develops technique and stamina while preventing technique related
injuries. The exercises in this book are time-tested and will keep your
technique at its optimum while helping to ensure injury-free
performance. The enclosed CD presents three versions of the exercises
in chapters I and II, each version more advanced than the preceding
one. In chapter III, bass and rhythm accompaniments are included for
many of the examples. Matching the pitch and articulation with a rhythm
background will not only assist in warming up, stretching, and building
stamina, but will make your practice a more pleasurable experience.

CODE Finger.Gymnastics.rar

Password: warezh

Fretboard Roadmaps Rock Guitar - by Fred Sokolow

rock guitarists can ad lib hot solos and play backup in any key, all
over the fretboard. There are moveable patterns that make this easy to
do. You need these "fretboard roadmaps" if: all your soloing sounds the
same; some keys are harder to play in than others; your fretboard
beyond the 5th fret is mysterious, uncharted territory; you can't
automatically play any familiar melody; you know a lot of "bits and
pieces" on the guitar, but you don't have a system that ties it all
together. This book/CD pack will help you learn all this and more until
you're playing like a pro! The CD includes 39 full-demo tracks.

CODE Fretboard.Roadmaps.Rock.Guitar.rar

Password: warezh

Funk Guitar The Essential Guide - by Ross Bolton

one on one with MI instructor Ross Bolton to get that funk groove with
your guitar! This book/CD pack covers: movable 7th, 9th, 13th and sus4
chords; 16th-note scratching; straight vs. swing; slides; single-note
"skank" and palm muting; songs and progressions; and more. The CD
includes 70 full-band tracks.

CODE Funk.Guitar.The.Essential.Guide.rar

Password: warezh

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PostSubyek: Re: Guitar Lesson--MORE AND MORE--   Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:33 pm

Quote :


Rock Guitar Secrets

The ultimate guitarist's reference
book with playing techniques, solo and improvisation concepts,
exercises and jam tracks. The purpose of this book is to demystify the
relatively simple concepts or tricks around which much of rock guitar
is built. The book is designed modularly, allowing the reader to choose
any topic at any time, but is can also be sequentially as a method.
Topics includes warm-ups, pentatonic scales, bending and vibrato
techniques, blues scales, string skipping, major scales, alternate
picking,modes, economy picking (sweeping), arpeggios, two-hand tapping,
minor scales, legato techniques, exotic scales, whammy bar, how to
build a solo, practice planning, and improvisation. Each concept is
discussed in a thorough and easily understandable manner. The
accompanying CD includes over 80 licks and exercises plus more than 20
jam tracks, helping the student put the concepts directly into
practice. In notation and tablature.

Playing techniques, solo
and improvisation concepts, exercises, licks and jam tracks for: warm
ups, pentatonic scales, bending and vibrato techniques, blues scales,
string skipping, major scales, alternate picking, modes, economy
picking (sweeping), arpeggios, two-hand tapping, minor scales, legato
techniques, exotic scales, whammy bar, how to build a solo,
About the Author
Peter Fischer was born in 1966
and is Germany's most prominent author of instructional books and
videos such as Masters of Rock Guitar, Rock Guitar Secrets, Total
Guitar Technique, Blues Guitar Rules, and the instructional video
Modern Rock Concepts, of which a few have also been translated into
English. He is a contributing columnist for various European music
magazines. A graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in
Los Angeles, he is also very active as a performer both on stage and in
the studio. He was also a featured new talent in Mike Varney's
Spotlight column in the November 1989 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.

CODE Rock.Guitar.Secrets.rar

Password : warezhr

Steve Trovato - Essential Rhythm Guitar

Book Description
book/CD pack is based on the concept that, for most popular music
styles, there exist a few basic, fundamental rhythm guitar techniques
and a set of appropriate chords and chord voicings that determine the
sound of each style. This one-on-one lesson with MI instructor Steve
Trovato teaches the rhythm guitar essentials for 7 styles: blues, rock,
country, fingerstyle acoustic, Latin/Brazilian, jazz and swing, and
funk. The CD features 65 full-band tracks. Includes standard notation
and tab.

CODE Essential.Rhytm.Guitar.rar

Password : warezhr

Guitar Secrets: Harmonic Minor Revealed

guitarist and educator Don Mock exposes the closely-guarded 'secret'
soloing techniques of jazz and rock giants, revealing easy ways to
create ultra-cool sounding lines and patterns by substituting simple
harmonic minor patterns over dominant 7th chords. This book/CD package
contains over 60 music examples, lines, licks and patterns. All music
is written in standard notation and tablature.

CODE Guitar.Secrets.Melodic.Minor.rar

Password : warezhr

John Petrucci - Rock Discipline

PDF 83 pages + Tablatures 7Mb..
the cornerstone for the innovative band Dream Theater, John Petrucci
has rapidly become one of the most respected and talked about
guitarists of the '90's. He has been featured in virtually every major
guitar publication worldwide and was voted "Best Guitarist for 1994" in
"Guitar" magazine and "Break Through Guitarist of the Year (1993)" in
"Guitar For the Practicing Musician" magazine. This powerful and all
encompassing book starts with a valuable segment on warm-ups followed
by up-to-date practice concepts that address dealing with today's
information explosion. John has provided detailed lessons concerning
speed and accuracy using rhythmic subdivisions, chromatic exercises,
dynamics and scale fragments. Other topics include picking through
arpeggios, string skipping, sweep picking, legato technique and how to
expand the color and texture of basic "power chords." Also included are
detailed transcriptions and demonstrations of dozens of exercises,
examples and special etudes ranging from easy-to-master to very
challenging. All music examples are contained on the included recording
and written in both standard notation and tablature.

CODE Rock.Discipline.Petrucci_.rar

Password : warezhr

JOE SATRIANI - Signature Licks, CD Included (For Guitar)

Satriani's scorching sound with this step-by-step breakdown of his
styles and techniques. This book/CD pack provides hands-on analysis of
11 classic tracks from five albums. From Not of This Earth: Hordes of
Locusts " Memories " Not of This Earth " Rubina. From Surfing with the
Alien: Always with Me, Always with You " Circles " Crushing Day. From
Dreaming #11: The Crush of Love. From Flying in a Blue Dream: Big Bad
Moon " Flying in a Blue Dream. From The Extremist: Summer Song.

Table of contents

# Always With Me, Always With You
# Big Bad Moon
# Circles
# Crushing Day
# Flying In A Blue Dream
# Hordes Of Locusts
# Memories
# Not Of This Earth
# Rubina
# Satch Boogie
# Summer Song
# The Crush Of Love

CODE Best.Of.Joe.Satriani.Signature.Licks.rar

Password : warezhr

Chord Progressions for Guitar

private lesson with MI instructor Tom Kolb is an easy-to-use guide to
the most essential chords, rhythms and strumming patterns for a huge
variety of musical styles: rock, blues, jazz, country, folk, R&B,
funk, soul, Latin jazz, fusion, ska, reggae and gospel!

Each musical example in the book is demonstrated on the accompanying CD, backed by a full rhythm section.

CODE Chord.Progressions.rar

Password : warezhr

Essential Blues Guitar

This handy guide to playing blues guitars emphasizes the essentials, such as:
chord changes, scales, rhythms, turn arounds, phrasing, soloing and more.
Includes lots of examples, plus 10 rhythm tracks for soloing and improvising.

CODE Essential.Blues.Guitar.Lessons.rar

Password : warezhr

101 Bad to the Bone Blues Guitar Rhythm Patterns (Book+CD)

Mel Bay author Larry McCabe teaches you to play authentic four and
eight-beat blues guitar backup rhythms recorded like the pros. The
companion CD contains all blues rhythms recorded exactly as they appear
in the book - each based on the C7 chord or on the Cm chord. For ease
of learning, most of the patterns are played at a moderate speed. The
split-track stereo format permits muting of the rhythm guitar part,
facilitating practice with only the bass and drums. Suitable for
players at all levels, each four or eight-beat patterns appears in
standard notation and tablature. While not recorded on the companion
CD, the book also offers typical eight-bar progressions in major keys,
and 12-bar blues progressions in various major and minor keys. The book
concludes with an appendix entitled "Open Charts for Applications of
Patterns". This section encourages students to apply the 101 patterns
in original ways and provides insightful arranging tips.


Password : warezhr

101 Must-Know Blues Licks (Book+CD)

you can add authentic blues feel and flavor to your playing! Here are
101 definitive licks - plus a demonstration CD - from every major blues
guitar style, neatly organized into easy-to-use categories. They're all
here, including Delta blues, jump blues, country blues, Memphis blues,
Texas blues, West Coast blues, Chicago blues, and British blues.

CODE 101.Must.Know.Blues.Licks.rar

Password : warezhr

30 Hour Workout - by Steve Vai

CODE 30hr.Guitar.Workout.rar

Password : warezhr

101 Jazz Guitar Licks - by Alan De Mause

book is more than just a catchy collection of jazz guitar licks. It
presents a teaching concept which relates a great-sounding guitar phase
to a typical chord progression and also to a typical standard tune. All
examples are in notation and tablature and are applicable to pick or
fingerstyle jazz. The musical examples contain Alan De Mause's typical
"hip" musicianship and humor. The CD is a stereo play-along CD and
presents each jazz phrase. All songs from the book are on the CD.

CODE 101.Jazz.Guitar.Licks.rar

Password : warezhr

1001 Blues Licks - by Toby Wine

Blues Licks presents 1001 riffs in a variety of blues styles to be
played within the standard 12-bar format. This is the ideal book for
beginners seeking a well-organized, easy-to-follow encyclopedia of
blues licks, as well as consummate professionals who want to take their
knowledge of the blues to new heights.

CODE 1001.Blues.Licks.rar

Password : warezhr

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